USApple Core Connect

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USApple Core Connect

USApple Core Connect is designed to bring apple business segments together to meet virtually via short, pre-scheduled appointments to learn more about products and services that can elevate their businesses.  

There is no cost for growers, packers and shippers to participate (and you might even win a $100 Amazon gift card).  You can include multiple staff members responsible for various purchasing decisions.  USApple Core Connect helps you efficiently learn about new products and services in a quick and easy way using our all-new platform.  Sign up today!


How it Works

Registration:  Closed

  • Time required:  ~ 5 minutes
  • Select your company and complete your profile
  • Mark your availability for appointments on May 19, 20, and 25 from 9 - 5 eastern.

Appointment Setting:  May 12 to May 18

  • Time required:  ~ 10-20 minutes
  • Request and accept appointments with vendors of interest to you.
  • A quick system test prevents technical hiccups when it's time to meet.

Appointments Held:  May 19, 20 and 25

  • Time required:  20 minutes per appointment
  • A button-click from your schedule connects you to each appointment.
  • For every appointment you request and/or complete you’ll be registered to win one of three $100 Amazon gift cards.

Register now!

USApple has engaged The Wyman Company to manage this event, including customer support for all participants.  Wyman’s team works with a number of associations and they are known for their professionalism and focus on the customer experience.